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Digital Professional 

If it’s digital online presence with a website or other digital media you need then Adrian is the expert to work with. Media is in his DNA. He followed in the footsteps of his grandfather, who worked on national newspapers including the Times and Sunday Times. Adrian is ahead of his time. With a company running top end Apple Computers way back in 1995 he embraced the internet and digital marketing from the outset. A Digital Professional in every sense of the word


Confidence in Public Speaking 

In a few moments you have to stand up, walk to the front of the room and speak. Speak in public. Public Speaking. How are you feeling? How are your butterflies? How can you get through this? 

I can help you build your Public Speaking skills. Build your confidence to speak and speak with confidence about your business.


Copestone – The content agency

Your words underpin everything you communicate about your personal brand, from your website, blogging and social media presence, through how you interact with the media to scripts for speeches and what you say in your elevator pitch. Copestone’s award-winning team of strategic marketers, marketing copywriters and journalists create the content and tools to control how your personal brand is positioned to your audience, enabling you to fulfil your personal objectives. 


Speak To Camera

Video is now a vital part of being seen online, and standing out from the crowd is crucial. When potential clients see your videos you will need to impress them and be comfortable..Yet the thought of speaking to a video camera makes many people extremely anxious. Over 35 years in broadcast and film, 70 countries, and over 3,700 interviews recorded as a cinematographer, John has the answers in making you at ease in front of video cameras. His unique system "Speak To Camera" is now being used by clients around the World. John produces Intro videos and Biographical videos for you to show your clients why they should pick only you for their next project.

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