No matter how hard we try to keep an open mind, our brain is always making snap judgments. This is especially true when we meet new people. In fact, the human brain is capable of making assumptions about someone in a tenth of a second.
According to research presented in Psychological Science we form first impressions almost immediately based on a person’s face. When we meet people we view as attractive, we tend to make positive assumptions about who they are. It’s called the halo effect and it’s the tendency our brain has to assume that someone who looks good is good. Meaning, if you meet someone with a great smile and dazzling eyes, you are more likely to believe they are friendly, trustworthy, and kind, regardless of whether that is actually true.
Based on this study (and a little common sense), one of the best ways to take advantage of a first impression is to give people a reason to trust and value you.
One of the best psychological device that can helps you to achieve this is SMILE.
As we know that smiling releases serotonin – a neurotransmitter that produces feelings of happiness and wellbeing. When the person you are talking to is smiling, you won’t be able to help but smiling back. When someone is smiling at you it indicates that they like you. When someone likes you what do you think of them? Yes, normally you’re thinking “I like this person!”
If you want to be seeing as a successful and trustworthy person I would encourage you to smile often.
A simple smile makes those around you feel welcome, accepted and liked.
This is what each of us is ultimately looking for, isn’t it?

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