As I began building my business more than a decade ago I learned the one thing you must avoid at all costs is becoming a commodity.
The only way to do that in an increasingly competitive marketplace, is to become a recognised expert – someone who’s known for your ideas and talent, and whom clients proactively seek out. Or in other words to build your Personal Brand.
After working with and interviewing hundreds of leaders I discovered the winning formula of Personal Brand, which contains three elements: visibility , communication, and positioning .
Visibility :
Is little bit more than your appearance, body language and pace of speaking. It’s also your social proof I.e. your credibility. What you are credible for? Why, in a crowded and noisy world, should people listen to you?
Your ideas may be great, but if you can’t quickly convey this message to other people, they’re likely to move on. Sharing your ideas and expertise via blogs, articles, speeches, podcasts, videos – is your brand communication. Why does it matter? Because if you don’t share your ideas publicly, no one will know what they are, or even know about their existence.
Finally, there’s your positioning or how smart you are to craft your networking strategy. Where you are positioning yourself, who you’re surrounded by, with whom you’re launching your next joint venture.
If you instinctively know that you’re stronger in some areas, or weaker in others, you have to push hard on all three areas of Personal Brand development. And don’t worry if you think it is a lot of hard work and unknown aspects. It is, but you have me, who knows all the loopholes and shortcuts.
So, if you are ready to create your Personal Brand then get in touch with me.

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