The New Company Brand 2.0

Build a Human Company Brand That Drives Growth

An innovative website, logo and business card is no longer enough to gain people’s trust and incite their desire to buy your product or services.

The economy has shifted from the B2B model to the H2H(human-to-human) model. Trust has eroded away from corporations, government institutions and traditional media. It is no longer enough to be a faceless, corporate brand.

Now is the time to amplify the human aspect of your business by building a new company brand, which incorporates your personal brand and the brand of team of experts that drive your business.

If you want to attract your target audience, convert them into loyal customers and create a steady flow of clients, you need to have a recognisable, human brand that people resonate with and trust. The way you represent yourself and your business online and offline can drive your company to success or failure.

A holistic approach to branding can help you overcome the challenges of today’s over-saturated market and become highly visible, recognised and financially rewarded.

The Three Pillars of a Personal Brand


Brand Visibility is your online and offline presentability. It is not how you look, it’s how your potential clients perceive you and your business. It is the image you create in their brain. Your public image is your personal ‘logo’, which is a way for you to demonstrate your credibility and authority.


You might have a great degree or job, impressive set of skills and expertise. But when people first meet or Google your name they don’t see this. All they see is what they are presented with. Your presentability offline and your online footprint form the first most powerful message that other people will receive. 


This silent message can set you up for success or failure. 


Brand Communication is your message. It is a clear statement which makes the whole world stand up and take notice of: who you are, what you stand for and what values you bring to other people. From the offline world to the world of social media, every part of your presence should answer these questions.


You may have a great product, service or idea, but if you can’t communicate it in a remarkable way, you are likely to remain unheard and invisible. 


The right communication strategy positions you as a credible authority in your industry. This allows you to charge premium prices. It is also one of the key ingredients to ensure a steady flow of high-quality inbound opportunities. 


Brand Positioning is higher-level networking and PR strategy. This establishes you as an Influential Brand. It connects you with your desired target audience: potential clients, partners, investors, referral sources or other influencers.


When you position yourself in the right place, at the right time, with the right people you can scale your business – and live your personal life on a whole new level. 


Whenever you want to take your income, business or personal life to a higher level, go position yourself on that higher level. 

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